Gaga about activism?

My job involves studying domestic violence homicides. So it’s no surprise that I’m against violent images in music videos. And when stars wear outrageous clothing to get more attention, I am even less interested in the politics of their fame.

Lady Gaga does both these things. But I’m inspired by how she uses her popularity for social and political activism, like taking a stand against SB1070 and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

So how do I reconcile all this? Or should I even try? A coworker told me that to her, Lady Gaga “embodies the complexity of the human experience. She makes me realize that we can’t look at what she is doing in a binary way.”

Maybe we should take this as an opportunity to re-think our views on feminism? And maybe the outrageousness of Lady Gaga’s videos is a brilliant way of challenging our societal norms around sexuality, power and violence?

While I think about Lady Gaga’s choices and messages, I think I’ll listen to (not watch) “Just Dance.”

2 thoughts on “Gaga about activism?”

  1. Go Lady Gaga
    I recently read a quote from Lady Gaga regarding feminism. It gave me pause and then it gave me encouragement. Here in the grassroots, there are still a lot of misconceptions about feminism and some of the unflattering 60s-70s media-manic images are still influencing our sisters and brothers more than reality. Images that over ride facts like equal pay for the same jobs, or that women and children are still exploited on the job, in the field and in their own homes. This young, outlandish performer brings a new look to feminism and activism. She doesn’t understand why a feminist can’t or shouldn’t be loud and soft-spoken, angry and gentle, and all the other things we are. She appears to want to make feminism trendy (again). I know a lot of young women are listening and I just want to add – so is this old feminist broad.

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