Gun love

My parents met at a gun club. I grew up in Georgia where guns are everywhere. I could get to at least one (loaded) at any given time in the house I grew up in. I played with them and showed them to my friends. Nothing catastrophic happened. I (and my parents) are stupid lucky.

Others have not been so lucky. Bullets have been flying around western Washington lately: an eight year old accidentally shot in her classroom, gun fights in south Seattle, children killed because they were playing with guns. The high profile shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida has shone a light on the controversial stand-your-ground laws in many states. This “I have the right to fight back” attitude combined with easy access to guns is obviously a deadly combo.

You could argue that the world we live in is dangerous, and it is up to us to protect ourselves. As an advocate for victims of abuse, I am keenly aware that danger (even in your own home) is a reality for many families. I can understand the been-knocked-down-scared-threatened-too-many-times emotional roller coaster that has some folks turning to guns to feel powerful again, to feel safe. I also know that the majority of domestic violence homicides in Washington State are committed with firearms, and whether or not those who were killed are the victim (as are most) or the abusive partner, this act still ruins more than one life. Nobody wins.

Do guns really make us safer, or does it just make those who carry feel safer? Are more guns in our communities a recipe for safety? I’m not convinced.

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  1. I tried to get my abusive spouse “disarmed”… he had nothing on his record to preclude a concealed carry permit… I tried to get a psych evaluation, but his HIPPA rights precluded my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… So after he tried to kill me by firing all 5 rounds from the .38 cal revolver he ALWAYS carried loaded in his hip pocket (with duct tape on the handle to “disguise” it) at my head while I was fleeing in my car… THEN I was able to get his concealed carry permit revoked AND a psych eval…

    I dread the day he is released, because no piece of paper will stop him…

  2. Thank you for sharing your story, Susan. That sounds very scary and I’m glad you are here to talk about it.

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