women-graduatingFrom an early age, I always thought to myself that education was “my way out.” I thought it would give me a voice, power over my choices, and freedom. I saw it as a way to equalize myself to boys and men. For the most part, things pretty much worked out how I imagined—I found my voice, I have more power over my choices, and I have the experience of freedom.

But lately I’ve been wondering, what if I focused less on trying to achieve what men have and more on how to develop myself to achieve what is most important to me? What if every girl and every woman did the same? What if each and every community valued educating girls to fulfill their goals?

What would women, as leaders, achieve? How would our communities be different? I imagine a whole new world of possibilities. And I am interested in hearing what you think!

One thought on “Leadership”

  1. Love this! What I’m hearing here is: Go after your goals – no matter who you are, where you live, how much money you have, and especially what your gender is. Comparison is a bad mental neighborhood to hang out in! Let’s encourage everyone, especially young women to be themselves and strive for what is important to them. This is the path to happiness. Determining our success by others criteria is a sure fire way to end up with our pretty panties in bunches. Believe me, I’ve tried it before. Ha! So happy to be on my own entrepreneurial path now!

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