News you can relate to

Some news stories that caught our eye this week:

Grandma Gatewood: The Domestic Violence Survivor Who Became an Appalachian Trail Heroine AloneAfter seeing a National Geographic feature on the trail that noted how no woman had completed it on her own, Gatewood who was living in Ohio at the time got an itch to make history.”

Shutting Off the Gaslight A moving meditation from a survivor of emotional abuse of what it takes to recover from the lies their abuser convinced them to believe about themself.

The Women Who Face More Traumatic Brain Injury Than NFL Players The Sojourner Center, one of the largest U.S. domestic violence shelters, is launching an ambitious program dedicated to the study of TBI in women and children living with domestic violence.

TRUTH: Meet Danny TRUTH is a national trans and gender nonconforming youth storytelling campaign that aims to build empathy, understanding, and a movement for youth to share their stories in their own words and in their own way.

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