News you can relate to

Some stories that caught our eye this week:

The Oscar-Winning Movie That’s Actually Making Things Better for Women “This is what happens when determined women get together,” Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy said during her Oscars acceptance speech, “The Pakistani prime minister said he will change the law on honor killings after watching this film,” she added. “That is the power of film.”

5 Things We Learned About Domestic Violence From the O.J. Simpson Trial “After Nicole Brown was murdered in her home in Los Angeles while her children were asleep upstairs, it was revealed that she had documented over 17 years of verbal, mental, physical and emotional abuse suffered during her relationship and marriage.”

As Rental Prices Rise, Women Stay In Bad Relationships to Survive “These scenarios run the gambit from “we’re not in love, but I suppose this will do until my next paycheck” to the much more frightening situation of living with an abusive partner and being too broke to move out.”

Is Laundry Only a Woman’s Job? This detergent company asks men to #ShareTheLoad

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