Shouting about guns. Again.

There was another mass shooting last week. This one was in Pennsylvania. As I write this (on March 10) there have been 8 mass shootings in the U.S. this month. EIGHT MASS SHOOTINGS IN TEN DAYS!!!! Sorry to get shouty, but I’m super mad. My heart breaks for the children whose parents were taken from … Continue reading “Shouting about guns. Again.”

What we talk about when we talk about guns

In the wake of last week’s Navy Yard shooting, we enter another round of the now familiar national conversation about gun violence in America. Mother Jones has an in depth analysis of mass shootings since 1982. According to their criteria, the Navy Yard shooting is the fifth such incident in 2013. According to another compilation … Continue reading “What we talk about when we talk about guns”

The hidden cost of surviving gun violence

We bring you this guest post from Courtney Weaver, a local domestic violence survivor. On January 15th, 2010 I was shot by my boyfriend point blank with a hollow-point .45. He was sentenced to 10.6 years in a federal prison in California. I have had 13 reconstructive surgeries on my face and right arm, hundreds of … Continue reading “The hidden cost of surviving gun violence”

Gun love

My parents met at a gun club. I grew up in Georgia where guns are everywhere. I could get to at least one (loaded) at any given time in the house I grew up in. I played with them and showed them to my friends. Nothing catastrophic happened. I (and my parents) are stupid lucky. … Continue reading “Gun love”

Show your love

We bring you this post from Karen Rosenberg, a Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence consultant. Did you read about the guy who made threats against Jewish organizations as a way to hurt his ex-girlfriend? The Federal complaint reads in part: “…the defendant appears to have made some of the JCC [Jewish Community Center] threats … Continue reading “Show your love”

Fire Drill

I am going to interrupt the first paragraph of this blog to tell you the aftermath of writing it. This is simple too ironically delicious to pass up. Go to Google images and search “Fire Drill 1960s.” I mean, really. I went looking for a good picture idea to illustrate a story of growing up … Continue reading “Fire Drill”

Hermandad (Sisterhood)

Niños gritando y peleando por el mismo juguete, canciones de Sabina a todo volumen, papas con chile viendo una pelicula, historias de la familia, en fin, memorias inolvidables que se quedaran marcados para siempre en mi corazón. Esta fue la visita recente de mi hermana y su peque en pocas palabras. Nuestra amistad no empezó … Continue reading “Hermandad (Sisterhood)”

News you can relate to

Some stories that caught our eye this week: Don’t Think the Supreme Court Matters? Think Again. “In one instance, the Supreme Court can bend the arc of justice faster than any march can. And then in the next breath, it can bend that arc into a hook that pulls us back decades.” Supreme Court Strikes … Continue reading “News you can relate to”